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Hello friends! I’m really bad at talking about myself, so hang on. My name is Kirsten Marie, and I’m a Danish girl living in sunny SoCal. My hobbies include cats, simming, writing, failing at being a hipster, winged eyeliner, and youtube. I’m almost 21 years old, and I’m going to college to hopefully one day be the person who edited that movie trailer you just saw while waiting for your movie to start. I like rain, and raviolis and that’s pretty much all there is too me


In which I surprise myself with my own sims

Taking steps is easy, standing still is hard
S T A Y  S P O O P Y ~

lolitasim replied to your post: “spookysidesims”:


H A P P Y  H A L L O W E E N 

How did you know? :3

I was debating on Spookysidesims or Spoopysidesims 






Hey, remember this picture? Palletport is a small island world I made for a speed-run three or four months back.  It is VERY small, but has a handful of residential lots up to 20x20, and community lots that require rabbit hole rugs. I plan to release it fully equipped with community lot buildings, so you could just jump in and play with minimal setup. Also, it’s pretty! :]

However, there’s something more important to say. A fellow simmer in our community, loobyloucreations, is in need of support. She is looking forward to getting a motorized wheelchair (as she cannot move her manual wheelchair by herself), and a fold-up portable ramp. These things will help this sweet girl get her independence back.

If you have any spare change, please donate to fellow simmer Hayley’s GoFundMe HERE. You will be making a huge difference to a girl’s life and comfort.

This download will unlock when Hayley reaches her next donation milestone (£1500). When that happens, I will update this post with a download link ASAP. Go, Hayley!

Wow! check it out!  A world!  This is so pretty :)  Donate to help unlock this cc!

I totally remember this picture and I am so excited!  :)  

oooooooooh Pretty!!!!

The spirit world the negative of this one, soft outlines of soft whites against soft darks, someone crossing Broadway at Cathedral, walking toward the god taking the picture, but now, inside the camera, suddenly still.
Or the spirit world the detail through the window, manifest if stared at long enough, the shapes of this or that, the lights left on, the lights turned off, the spirits under arcs of sycamores the gray-gold mists of migratory birds and spotted leaves recognize.