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Hello friends! I’m really bad at talking about myself, so hang on. My name is Kirsten Marie, and I’m a Danish girl living in sunny SoCal. My hobbies include cats, simming, writing, failing at being a hipster, winged eyeliner, and youtube. I’m almost 21 years old, and I’m going to college to hopefully one day be the person who edited that movie trailer you just saw while waiting for your movie to start. I like rain, and raviolis and that’s pretty much all there is too me


I’m in such a DIY mood right now.

I wanna move my room around, I wanna make shit, I wanna paint things and get cute stuff for my room



*silent screaming*


mimi by sunnysidesims :3 :3 all these beautiful blondes - i can’t handle it!!

lol sorry but no I followed livi and she followed me back then was nice for 2 weeks and unfollowed for no reason, people like her and i-like-teh-sims are cocky and up themselves more often

Sorry to hear that nonny, but people don’t need a reason to unfollow someone, or at least that’s how I see it. People don’t have an obligation to follow you and stay a follower. Nor do they need to give you a reason as to why they did. :/ Just the way I see it. 

Also, I’d appreciate it if you didn’t come to my inbox to insult my friends. Both Livi and Hillary are both very nice and kind people, and unless you know them, you can’t really judge them. 

foxalopes replied to your photo: “The ‘How I survived Coachella’ Lookbook Hair || Top || Shorts ||…”:
did you make the body paint or is that post-processing?

Well it’s by roorasims, but she’s not a simblr anymore, and her downloads aren’t up anymore. D: So I can’t link it even if I wanted too

The ‘How I survived Coachella’ Lookbook

Hair || Top || Shorts || Shoes || body paint

Is as-sim-ilation hard to talk to? She seems like a really cool person but I'm scared to try and talk to her ;~;

Not at all! C: She’s very nice, and very witty and enjoyable to talk too~

but yes she’s really cool, I looked up to her even before we became friends :3 Don’t be afraid to talk to people, they might surprise you 8D

shut up i’m not making a look book


Couple selfie (ノ゜∇゜)ノ

004th replied to your photo:
miki >_> I am sooooo talented with these


that’s cute

cookies for you

x 004th x